Paint Colors & Rules

We will be working with the contractor to match approved (Sherwin Williams SW#) colors as closely as possible.  We are evaluating various manufacturer's paint, that will provide better coverage, fade less and lasts longer.
We will not make any color changes to any building.

Open this document to see your color scheme number
Villas Color Schemes (listed by Lot# & Address)

 Colors will be selected off the original Sherwin Williams paint swatches

The below illustrations are not exact, due to variations by your monitor, phone or tablet, they are close examples. We will attempt to match colors as closely as possible with the paint manufacture we select.

Section 3(d) of the CC&Rs.  The type of paint to be used in the painting of the exterior surfaces of the residential units and the timing and frequency of the painting of the exterior surfaces of the residential units shall be in the sole discretion of the Villas Association. Except for Declarant, no Owner of a Villas Lot or other person shall paint or otherwise alter or modify the exterior surface of any residential unit on the Villas Lot, or make any modifications or changes to the exterior surfaces of any residential

When the Association schedules the villas to be painted, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to remove, or cover and protect, anything that might impede the contractor’s work. This includes any and all items that may have been allowed or permitted under the GR&Gs.

If any additional work is incurred by the contractor to protect or move homeowner property resulting in additional cost, the cost will be invoiced to the homeowner by Villas 43B. Homeowners certainly have the right to remove and protect their items before contractor work is begun and replace them after completion. The Villas Association will inform homeowners in a timely manner about the schedule for any upcoming painting and any additional charges by the painting contractor to move or protect items prior to beginning work.