Your involvement is critical to the success of this project

  • Dear Homeowner:

    At the April 12, 2023, Villas Association Board of Directors meeting, your Board approved and signed a contract with Red Rock Painting LLC to paint all 124 villas (62 buildings) in our unit.  This project will wash, repair, and completely paint all exterior surfaces including stucco walls, patio and alcove ceilings, trim, gutters and downspouts, entry doors, and garage doors.  All buildings will be painted using their original paint color scheme.  The project is scheduled to begin early September and finish in November, weather permitting.

    Red Rock submitted the most competitive bid totaling $259,800, which is less than our reserve study estimate.  They are a well-qualified contractor frequently employed by RCI.  Red Rock recently completed painting the entire PebbleCreek perimeter wall and painted the interior of our perimeter wall a year ago.

    During the project, each homeowner will be notified a week prior to the start of work on their unit to allow the opportunity for you, or someone acting on your behalf, to protect or move all personal property from your patio, entry alcove, walkway, and exterior walls.  In the event it is not possible to have all exposed items removed, Red Rock has agreed to do their best to carefully cover and protect items such as permanently mounted patio shade screens, ceiling fans and any other personal items remaining in the areas to be painted.  Homeowners will relieve the contractor from liability for damage to potted plants and any other items not removed or protected by the homeowner.

    In order for Red Rock to completely paint the front entry door, the door must be open for a short period.  If you are away and cannot arrange for the door to be open, it will be painted while closed and the contractor will return to touch up at a later date when you are able to provide access.  Painting the garage door does not require it to be open, but the contractor prefers to have it briefly opened to place a drop cloth underneath to prevent any paint spray from seeping into the garage.

    Enclosed are two forms for you to complete and return at your earliest convenience:

    1.     Contact information for you and your preferred method of contact (email, phone, text, etc.) and contact information for whoever will act on your behalf if you will not be in residence during the painting project.  NOTE:  Red Rock plans to have at least three crews working simultaneously in different parts of our neighborhood, so it will not be possible to advise when specific villas will be scheduled until one week prior.

    2.     The consent form allowing Red Rock access to water and electricity while working on your villa and relieving Red Rock of liability in the unlikely event of damage to personal property not removed from your patio, entry, walkway, or exterior walls.

    More information about this major project is posted on our website (www.pebblecreekvillas43B.org), and clicking on the Painting Project tab.  You are encouraged to check the website frequently for updates. 

    Thank you,

    Mike Barker, HOA Secretary and ALC Chairperson